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This weblog is edited and run by members of reallyenglish, a company offering a total English learning solution based in London, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. Visit our corporate site to know more about what we do.

Notes are posted by members from various cultural and geographical backgrounds, and the topics range from education, business and international communication to software development, the internet culture, and more.


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Course features and our strengths

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We feel that many local providers offer content that fails to prepare learners for international communication. Often global players compromise client needs in favor of economies of scale.

reallyenglish provides world-class courseware tailored to local needs. This means cutting-edge instructional design and topnotch editors, a network of ELT professionals with decades of experience teaching and working with publishers, and a commitment to continual improvement. Tailoring to local needs means focus on one market, gathering extensive feedback from user groups with similar background and needs, and implementing system solutions that integrate seamlessly into our clients' training, administrative, or business processes.

reallyenglish goes beyond product development. We leverage our ELT and technical expertise to develop solutions to support every step of the learning supply chain.

There are two aspects to reallyenglish solutions, the product and the service. Leveraging our proprietary systems and network of qualified ELT experts, we customize the product to client needs. Product customization draws on our wide variety of courses and ranges from specialized packages and learning management services to tailor-made content and new product development. Product solutions include personalization, tutor correction, online mentoring, student performance tracking and reporting, and blended training for the classroom. Our ability to customize the product sets us apart from both global and local competition. The service is all about results. We are in control of every aspect of the service, including hosting, support, mentoring and reporting. The service objective is simple - get learners to complete their courses and show managers and educators the results. All our energy is focused on these two objectives.