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How I made my Flash dead silent

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本当にうんともすんとも言わないので原因の手がかりが掴めず、classpath、document classのリンケージのチェック、ASO削除、TextMateでASファイルにBOMを加えてみるなどいろいろ試したんですが全然駄目で、数時間を無駄にしようとしていたそのとき、自分のミスに気がつきました。


画像のように、どうやら何かの拍子で誤ってLibraryのMovieClip Symbolのひとつに、(Base Classにではなく直接)flash.display.Spriteをリンケージしてしまっていたようです。


This is one of my trivial horror stories - the other day I made changes on some Flash stuff I was working on and published the .fla as usual. However, it suddenly stopped working and even worse, it also stopped spitting out any trace/error messages at all. It published fine, but it's broken and dead silent. It seemed to stop recognizing all the ActionScript class files suddenly.

Since everything is dead silent I had no clue why it went wrong, I just blindly tried a couple of things I could think of, like checking class pathes/document class linkage, deleting ASOs, and trying to add UTF-8 BOM to the AS files (via TextMate). None of them worked. After wasting a couple of hours like this, I found my mistake.


Like the image above, somehow I mistakenly made a linkage to flash.display.Sprite from one of my hundreds of MovieClip symbol. I typed in flash.display.Sprite not in its Base Class field, but in the Class field. This was the cause of everything.

I had no idea why I did this, but anyway I wasted a couple of hours because of the mistake. Usually you don't do something like this but once you did it it may be hard to locate as Flash goes completely silent (In the case of CS4 Mac - when I tried the same on CS3 for testing, it simply crashed). I wrote this note hoping it might help someone who got into the same trap as I did. Perhaps no one else is ever gonna be as dump as me but anyways...

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