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Highlighting Text in TextField

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Manipulating text presentation in a Flash interface is a very common task when developing a interface for learning applications at reallyenglish. "Highlighting" a certain parts of the text in a Flash TextField is just one of them and unlike doing it in HTML, it could be a bit cumbersome task sometimes. This time I tried to modularize the functionality.

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Source files (.zip, 356KB)

Rough description of how to use (please refer to the demo and the source code as well);

 // Create a TextHiliter class instance, passing references for the TextField and a Sprite to draw hilighting marker;
_textHiliter = new TextHiliter(refTextField, refCanvas);

// Hilight the 1st to 4th letters, with #C4E1FF (100% alpha) marker
_textHiliter.hilite(0, 4, 0xC4E1FF, 1);

// Hilight the letters "unable to stop herself to assist her" between "Margaret, " (please note the spaces)  and ", was involuntarily" with #D3FD2D (100% alpha) marker
// The current implementation hilights the 1st match only
_textHiliter.hiliteByLetters("unable to stop herself to assist her",  0xD3FD2D, 1, "Margaret, ", ", was involuntarily");

Although it's still under improvement, I think that the logic for extracting area of certain part of the text can be applied to some other purposes. (And please enlighten me if you know a better way of doing it..!)

Made the following changes.

  • Changed hilite() method so that it does not include the character specified by the argument "end(index)". Now it takes effect to the part specified by start and all characters up to end - 1, just like String.substring() method.
  • Changed the Demo so that the text can be highlighten just by selecting a certain part of it.


View Demo
Source files (.zip, 356KB)


// TextField、及び描画用Spriteの参照を引数にTextHiliterのインスタンスをつくる
_textHiliter = new TextHiliter(refTextField, refCanvas);

// 1文字目から4文字目までを、#C4E1FF、100%アルファでハイライトする場合
_textHiliter.hilite(0, 4, 0xC4E1FF, 1);

// "Margaret, " と ", was involuntarily"(スペースに注意) という文字列に挟まれた "unable to stop herself to assist her" という文字列を、#D3FD2D、100%アルファでハイライトする場合
// (現状の実装では、条件を満たすものが複数あった場合も、一番初めにマッチしたものにしか適用されないです)
_textHiliter.hiliteByLetters("unable to stop herself to assist her",  0xD3FD2D, 1, "Margaret, ", ", was involuntarily");


2009/12/12 追記:

  • hilite()メソッドをString.substring()メソッドと同様、startで指定したindexからendで指定したindexの一文字前までハイライトするように変更(以前はendで指定したindexの文字を含んでました、ごめんなさい)
  • デモにおいて、テキストをセレクトするとセレクトした部分がハイライトされるよう変更

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